Animal Planter DIY

T’is the season to be gluten free, gender conscious and green, and I absolutely love it! This week we look at the simplistic and affordable DIY that, while being trendy and adorable, also recycles those plastic bottles I know you have in your home.  We’ve all thrown away tons of plastic bottles to last us a lifetime, so in the spirit of greenery I thought why not take this opportunity to challenge you to go green with me with this quick and easy Animal Planter DIY.

Before we jump into it, here’s a list of everything you’ll need:

  • Empty 2 Liter bottles (of course) – rinsed and delabled.
  • Scissors or a sharp blade.
  • Some paint brushes (both medium and small sized brushes for detailing) *I found that using a sponge also worked well.
  • A white board marker or permanent marker.
  • Acrylic paint (colours of your choice).

Now, before we get creative there’s three simple steps to complete first:

  1. Rinse and remove the labels  from your bottles.
  2. Stencil your bottle in your desired shape with your marker.
  3. and carefully cut out your bottle with a scissor or blade.

Now the fun part; once you’re happy with your planter shapes, get your paint brushes ready and just have fun! For my DIY I decided to make a pink bunny, a red fox, a yellow and gold owl, and a grey cat. You however, can turn your planter into whatever your heart desires.

Once you’ve laid down your first coat, leave your planters to dry for about 20 min before doing a second coat.  Don’t worry if the first coat doesn’t look pigmented enough, once your second coat is on, it will start coming together rather nicely.

After your second coat has dried completely, now its time to grab a pencil and start drawing your little planter faces.  I found that using a pencil was best because if I made any mistakes, using an eraser worked brilliantly to remove any pencil markings. however make sure your eraser is clean and that you draw using a soft hand.

Finally once you’re happy with each design, grab your small brushes and start bringing the animals to life!

Ta da! You’ve made your very own planters! I decided to use my planters for some herbs to use in the kitchen.  I planted some basil into my owl, mini rainbow carrots into my bunny (because why not, ha), some parsley into Mr Fox and some chives into my cat.  But any plant would look absolutely beautiful in them.

Another way to use them is for your kids stationary storage, or perhaps a cute money box for all those random coins that always seem to make their way into different corners of the house.  The possibilities are endless and so is the cuteness.

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