Dream Catcher Nails

Hello Flamingos

I hope you’re having a scrumptious week so far, I’m in an ikky mood but one thing that oddly manages to cheer me up is an awesome manicure, and these Dream Catcher Nails would be the perfect summer touch. Lets be honest the Boho theme killed it this year, and really, whats not to like?  It makes me feel free, and I envision life in a Sepia filtered music video.  With gypsy’s and shirtless Latinos dancing in the dessert. There’s also a big bonfire and guys playing the drums.  Eh hem, anyway let’s dive right into it:

Quick and Easy Tutorial:

1. Try keeping your half-moons big enough to fit your 3 lines into them without any over lapping, also be sure not to place them too close to each other.

2. Do your outter lines first, then end off with the center line so that you’re able to keep things even.

3. Your dangling lines don’t have to be perfect, in fact I encourage some imperfection. Also make sure they are each different lengths.

4. Next, alternate between each  colour dot, you can do more than 2 colours here, be creative.

5. Now the tricky (but very do-able) part, the feathers. I used 3 different colours here.  Start your light brush lines with your deep brown (or your darkest colour) first, let it dry slightly and go over with a beige (ever so slightly) to add texture to your feathers.  Lastly, I added accents of a light grey here and there to highlight everything, and done! I suggest practicing before attempting this, remember to use light strokes and draw from your center line outward.


Your dream catcher nails are done! You don’t have to be perfect about it.  Before I really got into these Colour me Pretty shenanigans, I kid-you-not I used toothpicks.  Yes, even for my dots! So don’t be scared to give it a shot.

Please do try this technique and  post your pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the #HouseAdon hashtag and I’ll share/ retweet some of your awesome posts.  Please also be sure to post your absolute favourite selfie on Instagram with the #HouseAdonFlamingo hashtag (because all my readers are exotic, flamboyant birds) and I’ll post your awesome selfies on the House Adon website Gallery for the world to enjoy, because you should never keep your awesomeness to yourself.  I’m also dying to know if you found this tutorial easy? What interesting changes did you make to the tutorial to make it even more awesome? Drop a comment and let me know.

Oh hey, don’t forget to enjoy these nifty freebies 🙂

Many blessings,


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