Faith Like Potatoes

Against All Warning:

Angus Buchan wrote the 1998 book Faith Like Potatoes which was later adapted into a South African biographical film in 2006.  The film follows Buchan and his family’s move from Zambia to South Africa in the hopes for a better life free from political unrest.  The film chronicles his Christian faith and the supernatural occurrences that took place when Angus began to pray in faith.  Against all warning not to plant potatoes during that specific season unless they had irrigation because of the drought, he decided to plant potatoes in the dry dust.  Traditionally a cattle and maize farmer, Buchan believed that he was being lead by the Lord.  Sure enough, when the harvest came there was a crop of giant potatoes.

What is Faith?:

The phrase “Faith Like Potatoes” resonated with me for a long time after I saw the film because it seemed like such an impossible situation, the odds truly were against him, but through it all he decided not to lean on his own understanding.  We are limited in our human minds to, in the very least, fathom the very fabric or character of God, whereas God has no limits, He goes beyond comprehension or any school of human thought.  That’s both a scary and comforting revelation to me, because after all, who wants a God that you can fully understand?

What is faith? To me it is not only complete trust or confidence in something or someone for which there is no evidence.  It is also, and somewhat more importantly, resting completely in the perfect and finished work of Jesus Christ.  Hebrews 12:2 says “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…”. Buchan’s act of planting potatoes in dry dust was a genuine act of faith because his trust was not in the circumstance (the drought) but in the perfect and finished work of Christ.  He knew Jesus would come through regardless of outsiders doubts or even his own insecurities.

By Jesus’ Stripes We Are Healed:

If you are ill you should already know that you are healed because of the finished work of Christ.  As humans we tend to get caught up in the wrong mindset where we often wonder “do I have enough faith to be healed?” We wonder whether we lack a certain aspect of faith, or question whether we have the “right kind of faith”. This shifts our focus to ourselves and our quality of faith rather than the perfect and finished work of Christ.  It is this preoccupation with our faith that actually stands in the way of our faith or healing or deliverance or victory.  When we ask ourselves “do I have enough faith?” we are placing an obstacle between us and Jesus’ finished work.  The more you focus on your faith, the more it slips away, but when you rest your eyes on Jesus and completely trust and know that it is done, God sees that as faith.

By Jesus’ Stripes we are healed.  We already have breakthrough because the ultimate price was paid on the cross.  Jesus literally died for our healing, breakthrough, victories, our sins.  When Jesus said “it is finished” make no mistake that he meant every word.  Rest in Christ’s perfect and finished work and watch your harvest come through with massive potatoes in the middle of the most trying times (like the drought), because God always supplies beyond what we ask for.

Thought For The Day:

Don’t look to your faith, look to Jesus.

God Bless

xoxo Méhgan

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