Halloween Nail Art


Hello gremlins, it’s the spooky season again, and this quick and easy Halloween nail art tutorial is just in time!  Since moving to Australia its become a family favourite. If there’s one thing Australia knows how to be, its festive! Especially for the kids, and with two kids at home its lovely being able to do fun things for them.  It gives us adults the best excuse to keep in touch with our inner child, without feeling all weird about it.  So to keep all the Halloween vibes flowing I wanted to share some spooky nail art ideas with you.

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The Mummy Dude:


The Mummy Dude has become quite popular since the Hotel Transylvania craze started, and I think it’s a super cute idea.  It’s pretty easy, you really don’t have to be pretty about your lines.  Just one tip; like box 1 shows, first draw all your lines before filling them out (as shown in box 2) This will help with spacing and accuracy.


Mr Frankie and Spidy Widy:


Then you get Mr Frankie and Spidy Widy.  I stared with my green base and drew on his hair, for the spider web I attempted the straight lines before the curved ones.  Needless to say it failed- hard! So my only tip here would be to start with your curved lines.  Hey! Each to his own though.  Give it a go and let me know which technique worked for you.


There you go, pretty spooky huh?

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Oh, be sure to snatch your freebies here 😉


Wishing you Pumpkin Spice and everything nice this Halloween season!

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