Making God your Business Partner


The moment I decided to make God my business partner, was the moment I started seeing change in my life, in my perspective, and in my

attitude.  If you’re a human being and over the age of 18, chances are that you’re working a “9-5 type” job. That within itself is already a blessing! The art of making God your business partner is simple.  We spend most of our hours a day working.  Whether it’s in an office, at home, on location, we are natural born labourers. In fact, God created us to work. Work was intended to be an enjoyable experience.

Erisa Mutabazi puts it quite nicely, “work was meant to be a joyful experience in which we are fulfilled in the use of our collective ability to partner with God in the cultivation of resources entrusted to us.”  In other words, God blesses the labourer, in fact, He finds favour in those who work.  In today’s day and age however, we hate our jobs, despise what we do, and even feel that God is against our work.  If there’s anything you take away from this, just know that it is simply not true! God is an advocate of good business.  Speaking of business, keep reading for a nifty freebie at the end of this post. (See what I did there? Ha!)


Lets be honest:

I love what I do, I wake up every morning with a grateful heart, full of new ideas and I’m excited about the day ahead (yes even on a Monday).  I deeply wish this for you, and it is very possible!  All you have to do is make God your business partner. What do I mean? Discuss daily stats and weekly targets with God? – No.  I simply mean keep an open conversation with God, keep praying, yes, but really just talk to God while you’re brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, on your way to work, or during your lunch break. Take the time to ask God to inspire the decisions you face that day, pray for the spirit of discernment so that you may know if you’re making good business decisions.  Also thank God for the ability to work and the opportunity to provide for your family.


In 2 Kings 4 a widow approaches Elisha asking for help.  She was about to lose her two children to slavery and had already lost her husband.  Instead of supplying her with money, God responds through Elisha and puts her to work!  God makes use of the very little she had left, a jar of oil, to help her create a profitable business, allowing her to save her children from slavery and live off her surplus.


God is for us in our work, never against us.  He desires for us to thrive, use our talents and experiences in our work as an act of worship, even in the moments it might feel the most difficult, that’s when u should be giving the most thanks.  It’s in moments of difficulty we always have two options; to completely crack under pressure, or experience a breakthrough in our work, in our finances, and in our business relationships.  That’s my prayer for you today!  We serve a God who literally used a few drops of oil to launch a successful business, imagine what He could do for you!


Thought for the day:

God is an advocate of good business. He desires for you to prosper in everything you do.  Take time today to give thanks for all you do have, and continue to trust in God for your breakthrough on the other side of your difficult times.

Full disclosure; I’m not here for a popularity contest, or for heaps of money to roll in my front door.  My sole reason for doing what I do is because I genuinely care for people and for my family, and I’m willing to bet you feel the same.  I’m trying to do my piece for the glory of God’s Kingdom, and if that means I get to provide for my family, that’s all I could really ask for.  I’m not better than anybody, heck, I’m not even the sharpest Christian in the Bible!  I still have so much to learn, and have so much more love to give.  That’s why I’m here. Why are you here? What keeps your heart beating?


Please don’t be afraid to share this post, I have no doubt that by simply sharing these words you will make someone’s day who truly needs to read these words of encouragement.  Please also be sure to post your absolute favourite selfie on Instagram with the #HouseAdonFlamingo hashtag (because all my readers are exotic, flamboyant birds) and I’ll post your awesome selfies on the House Adon website Gallery for the world to enjoy, because you should never keep your awesomeness to yourself.  I’m also dying to know if you found this post encouraging or helpful? What changes do you need to make today? Any words of encouragement? Drop a comment and let’s keep the conversation going.

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Many blessings,



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