Water Colour Lilies


Something to try with the kids:

These Water Colour Lilies are super easy and fun to make.  They stem from the most awesome multi coloured roses I came across not too long ago. Naturally I had to give it a go and watch the beauty unfold for myself.  This is a pretty simple DIY, all it basically requires is white flowers of your choice, food colouring, and patience. Lots of patience.

First things first:

I placed each flower in its own glass of fresh water.  Also be sure to split the stem of each flower with a scissor. I then  put a teaspoon of each colour I wanted into each glass of water.


Mix the colour through and allow nature to take its course.  I found that adding an ice cube to each glass everyday helped with keeping the flowers vibrant and fresh.  You will notice difference in colour as little as 24 hours after.  The longer the flowers are left in the water the deeper the colour in the flower will become.  Your kids will love watching the flowers colour transformation.

Why don’t you try this nifty DIY out and  post your pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the #HouseAdon hashtag and I’ll share/ retweet some of your awesome posts.  Please also be sure to post your absolute favourite selfie on Instagram with the #HouseAdonFlamingo hashtag (because all my readers are exotic, flamboyant birds) and I’ll post your awesome selfies on the House Adon website Gallery for the world to enjoy, because you should never keep your awesomeness to yourself.  I’m also dying to know if you found this DIY easy? What interesting changes did you make to make it even more awesome? Drop a comment and let me know.

Oh hey, don’t forget to enjoy these nifty freebies 🙂

Many blessings,


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